Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting to Know You: Paige, Barefoot and Vintage

Welcome to our first Q&A, in which we get to know an Etsy seller/Blogger a little bit more! Today we are getting to know Paige, of the blog Barefoot & Vintage, and the Etsy shop of the same name. I recently got to meet Paige in person, and she was the just the sweetest! Her smile is contagious, and she is genuine as all get out!

How and when did your love of vintage start? Can you remember the first piece of vintage you fell in love with?
It started not long after I joined Etsy (in August of 2007). Originally, I would peruse the site for unique gift ideas and handmade greeting cards. Then one day, I came across the vintage tab…I would literally click and click and click for hours! Vintage skirts, dresses, scarves and blouses…I was hooked! The first vintage piece I fell in love with was a 1980’s gold and navy one-piece bathing suit – from Jessjamesjake. Bought it. LOVE it.

How long have you been a vintage seller on Etsy?
Barefoot & Vintage is about six months old! I’m a proud mama.

How long have you been a blogger? Has it changed the way you get ready in the morning?
I started rambling in December of 2009. Has it changed the way I get ready in the AM? Yes and no. Getting ready in the morning, for me, usually consists of nagging my son to get up and get dressed. Then I have to make sure his backpack is ready and that breakfast has been eaten. My outfits are usually thrown on at the last minute, which means…I don’t have much time to get creative. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean there aren’t odd days here and there when I remember to slip into a vintage dress I recently found or pair a boring work shirt with a great vintage skirt. When that happens, I can’t wait to get home, snap a few photos and share with my readers.

What is your all time favorite vintage find?

It’s a tie between the one-piece bathing suit I mentioned (in question #1.) and a yellow, Joseph Magnin, collared shift dress, that has since been sold in the shop. I hope it went to an equally enamored girl!

What song/artist can you never get sick of?
Next to vintage and thrifting, music is my second love, so this is a tough question for me to answer! I can NEVER get enough of 80s music or DMB, but my current faves are…Phoenix, Yeasayer, Neko Case, Kings of Leon, Friendly Fires and Broken Bells.

What is your favorite fashionable film?

Almost Famous…damn that Penny Lane.

What decade describes your style?

70s! Long hair, peace signs, colorful prints, boho dresses, long skirts, clogs, high waist pants/jeans and ruffled peasant blouses?! Yes please. *sigh*

What decade exemplifies the Barefoot & Vintage shopper?
At this time, Barefoot & Vintage mainly offers clothing and accessories from the 60s, 70s and 80s; however, the Barefoot & Vintage woman loves ALL decades. She’s fun and fearless and can pull off any style!!

Here are just a few of my favorite items from Paige's shop. (Click on the picture to get to the listing)

You can find Paige on her blog Barefoot & Vintage, and on her Etsy shop!

-Annie, Little Ocean Annie

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  1. ok, i love paige a little more now (we are bffs you know) after reading this! great stuff.

  2. "I started rambling in December of 2009"

    back off Amanda, I like her more. First Zoe, now Paige.. quit trying to steal the ladies I've stalk! xo

  3. Hey, hey, hey ladies. Whoa! I do believe I really did adore this one first! I may have been late to the gate with Zoe but I am pretty sure stalked this girl before both y'all! Oh and I freaking love that teal dress with a vengence!

  4. haHA! oh're making a girl blush somethin' FIERCE over here! i can assure you...i was stalking ALL of you long before you even knew i existed! i win. xoxo

  5. This site is such a great idea, I can't wait to read interviews about all of my favorite vintage ladies!


  6. Great interview! Plus I'm insanely jealous of Paige's strawberry locks.

    This is such an amazing site because it's all inclusive and is a wonderful way to build community. I'm so happy that you all put it together! Can't wait to see where it goes from here!