Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Etsy Clothing Swap, Annie-Style

Once upon a time, two Etsy sellers named Annie decided to team up and do a clothing swap of items that will soon be featured in their Etsy Shops.  So, naturally, it's an Etsy clothing swap done Annie-style!  In Porltand, Oregon, Annie of Little Ocean Annie received a bright blue buffalo plaid blouse, whilst in Northern Virginia, Annie of Timely Vintage opened her mail to find a lovely 1980s-era floral dress.
Here's what Annie had to say about the blouse she received from Timely Vintage: "When I got to Portland, I had the cutest package waiting for me, from Annie! Out of a few items, this blouse caught my eye the most.I immediately was reminded of "Wet Hot American Summer" when I saw it, which is perfect, because that's one of my favorite movies!"
Here's what the other Annie had to say about the mini-dress she received from Little Ocean Annie: "I was so delighted when I opened my package from Annie and this beautiful floral dress came out.  It's probably not something I'd see in a store and think to purchase; but, I just love it!  It was especially fun to take an item that vintage 1980s/1990s (I'm guessing on era here, so correct me if I'm wrong, Annie!) and pair it with items that give it a completely different vibe.  I threw in my 1940s fascinator and some bobby socks and clogs.  I feel very 1940s in this ensemble.  I had such fun taking these photos; it's been one of the most fun photo shoots and stylings I've done in a while!"
Like something you see? Make sure to check both Little Ocean Annie and Timely Vintage to see when these items are for sale!  And stay tuned for more Annie clothing swaps to come!

You can also visit their personal style blogs: Little Ocean Annie and Time Enough For Drums.


  1. both are super adorable looks!I luuurv the fascinator.:)

  2. Such cute pictures and amazing clothes!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. I love "Wet Hot!" Great swap, ladies.