Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting to Know: Amanda, Upside of Wonder

For this week's Seller Spotlight, we're getting to know Amanda, of The Upside of Wonder, and vintage shop of the same name. Amanda takes such beautiful pictures, and it's hard not to feel instantly inspired when you stop by her blog!

Q: How and when did your love of vintage start? Can you remember the first piece of vintage you fell in love with?
I first fell in love with vintage clothing last October/November. I have no idea how, but I stumbled upon Rhiannon’s blog,Liebermarlene Vintage. I was hooked! I seriously read every post of hers in a few days. From there, I would click through the links on her blog roll and find even more amazing vintage blogs! The first piece of vintage I fell in love with (besides all the dresses I lusted over on her blog) is a navy wool jumper I bought on Etsy.

Q: How long have you been a vintage seller on Etsy?

I just opened my shop mid-May, so not very long. In fact, the 17th was its one month anniversary! It’s been such a big learning experience, but I’ve loved every minute of it. I really love the whole business aspect of it and I love to do all the research over various garments. I’ve been given lots of help and great advice too, especially from experienced sellers like Rachel of Mousevox Vintage and Robyn of Twitch Vintage.

Q: How long have you been a blogger? Has it changed the way you get ready in the morning?
I officially became a “fashion” blogger around January. I’ve been introduced to so many lovely ladies and it’s really forced me to rethink my wardrobe. I’d like to say it changes the way I get ready in the morning, but I’d be lying. I’m a biology major and I have to take a lot of labs. Some of my professors won’t let us in lab unless we have on pants and our feet are covered. So, American Apparel v-necks and skinny jeans are my default for school, which lasts until noon. My fashionable self doesn’t really get to get dressed until then.

Q: If you had the choice, in which decade would you like to have been a teenager?
The 70s, no doubt. If I could be teleported to 1976, I would do it in a heartbeat, mostly because I’m a HUGE fan of rock music from this time and would love to go to concerts! I love the whole culture of the seventies: the rise of skateboarding, Star Wars, hairstyles, everything!

Q: What is your all time favorite vintage find?
I can’t say I have a favorite, I really do love all of the stuff I buy. If I had to choose, it would be a few vintage owl figurines I have. They are so weirdly adorable!

Q: What song/artist can you never get sick of?
Oh man, there are a few. Nazareth is my all time favorite band, I could listen to them all day. Maybe also Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Journey, Joan Jett, AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix. As far as songs, I have Iglu & Hartly’s “In This City” on repeat in my car way more often than I care to admit! It’s just such a mood booster for me.

Q: Your favorite fashionable film?
Oh gosh, I would have to say “500 Days of Summer” as a default! I don’t watch very fashionable movies (which is a shame, because I hear so many good things about movies like “An Education”). I usually stick with sappy romantic movies, war movies, or stupid guy-comedies like “The Hangover”.

vintage high-waisted shorts, vintage ruffle apron dress

Q: What keeps you busy, aside from blogging and running an Etsy store?
I’m taking a summer class(ugh, chemistry), which has me busy a few days a week, and I just adopted a new dog, Olive! Needless to say, she keeps me on my toes!

Q: Any tips for Etsy shop owners?
Shop with an open mind! A lot of items aren’t going to be perfect at the thrift stores. You kinda have to see things with a seamstress’ eye. There are tons of garments with potential, you just have to help them reach it sometimes, whether that be through hemming or replacing old buttons with cute new ones!

You can check out more about Amanda on her blog, and find some great vintage in her shop!

-Annie, Little Ocean Annie

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  1. great interview Annie. I think Amanda is spectacular and what a cute inside look her vintage-loving heart!

  2. I'm so happy to see Amanda featured, one of my favorite bloggers!

  3. Oh Amanda is an amazing girl. I love her to pieces! Great choice! :)